It’s Time for a Peach Shake at Whitey’s

I say, I say, I do believe the peach is the best fruit of summer. Blackberries give them some competition. Peaches are just so juicy, naturally sweet, and delicious eaten fresh, in pie or cobbler, or in shakes. 

Peach shake at Whitey's

Px stands for Peach Shake, which stands for yum!

This brings us to the West Sacramento institution of Whitey’s drive-in on Jefferson Boulevard. Right now they are serving up peach shakes. Four dollars and eighty-six cents for a large that easily becomes supper on a hot Sacramento Valley evening. After a stressful day of work that ended with a tense meeting in Clarksburg, there is nothing like a peach shake from Whitey’s to make a gal feel better.

Emotional eating? You bet!

Good Eats at Bud’s in Dixon

Bud's Pub Grill and Catering

Bud’s Pub Grill and Catering in Dixon is an institution. One worth a visit. I have enjoyed several breakfasts and one lunch. The quantities are generous and the bacon and steak a superior quality.

Dixon has an interesting downtown with businesses you might expect in a farming town. Then it has strip malls, a WalMart and fast food places all along I-80. You may only know Dixon from its charmless development along the freeway.

Dixon’s downtown is worth exploring if you go to the Dixon fairgrounds for the May Fair or Lambtown, USA.


Cycling Montezuma Hills Road

While driving to Oakley for a meeting I noticed the rolling hills near Rio Vista. A light bulb turned on, “Biking hills!” To prepare for my multi-day rides in Yorkshire in July, I have been driving to Folsom for hills. This morning I drove out to Montezuma Hills and Birds Landing Roads. Montezuma Hills Road

I set off with some trepidation. I decided to ride 5 miles out and then turn around and cycle back on the same road. Montezuma Hills Road is well paved to serve the windmill farms that dot the hills. I immediately began pedaling up a hill alongside curious sheep staring through barb wire.

The journey out was a challenge but the last 3 miles was all downhill. Of course this means uphill on the return. Also from a car I did not factor in the wind. Afterall, there is a reason for all of the windmills. With the wind at my back I was flying downhill. On the return I went as slow as 7 mph into the steady breeze. (I wondered if my computer has negative numbers if I started rolling backward.)

I rode 5 miles out in 15 minutes and back in 35 minutes. The ride boosted my confidence. I did not have to stop once except to take this photo. Shifting gears is still challenging. I am going to consult the used copy of “Greg LeMond’s Complete Book of Cycling” for tips.

After I loaded my bike rack, I slowly turned my car around. A woman cyclist appeared from Montezuma Hill Road so I waved and called out, “Where did you ride from?”  Rio Vista.  She stopped and she explained that she and 2 friends were riding to Collinsville and back. They often windsurf in Rio Vista but since the wind was not strong enough, they decided on a training ride. One is preparing for a triathlon and the other two for the Vineman Aquabike.

I am definitely going to research riding from Rio Vista to Collinsville and back. Hope Sarah Harriet can go with me next time. And, after a quick consult with Joe at Freewheeler I learned to improve my gear shifting. Good thing because I would not want to be stuck in my big gear for my first ride with the Davis Bike Club tomorrow.

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Big Break Regional Shoreline in Oakley


Big Break Visitors' Center

Big Break Visitors’ Center

The Big Break Regional Shoreline has a beautiful visitors center that offers exhibits, meeting space and space for an science education program. A short walk from the visitor center is a 1,200 square foot interactive map of the Delta (on the ground) that demonstrates water flow through the region.

It is part of the East Bay Regional Park District (most impressive park system in the state!).  The park has the facilities to enjoy a picnic, fish from the pier, launch a kayak or canoe, or birdwatch.

Next to the town of Oakley on the shores of the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta, on Highway 4 near 160, near Antioch and Rio Vista.

Building a Brand: California Delta Logos

The Delta Conservancy and the Delta Protection Commission engaged the creative people at Augustine Ideas to research and develop possible logos that will “brand” the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta. The challenge is designing a logo that resonates with residents and is inviting to people outside the region. Four ideas have been developed to express: “At the heart of California, the Delta is an undiscovered place to escape, explore and wander. Rare and special–an abundance of natural resources, to be cared for and appreciated.”
The four logos are in a PDF here.  You can provide feedback in a survey here.
This will be available to brand products and services that originate from the Delta–from wine to boating adventures. It may also be used if California’s Delta receives a National Heritage Area designation.
It is distinct from the Discover the Delta brand that is associated with the Discover the Delta Foundation and visitor’s center in Rio Vista.

Discover the Delta's logo is on the sign in the foreground.

Discover the Delta’s logo is on the sign in the foreground.

Dining at Crocker Art Museum

Sometime in the last few years museums and galleries stepped up the dining service in their cafeterias. Well not all; the Getty’s cafe  in Los Angeles is nothing to blog about. However, the Crocker Museum’s Crocker Cafe by Supper Club is. The first time I grabbed a bite to eat during “Bacon Week”in Sacramento. I had a delicious plate of cole slaw with bacon.

coleslaw with bacon and diet coke

The food was so yummy. When I went to see the Sam Francis exhibit I included dining at the cafe in my plans. Members also get a discount. But you do not have to pay admission to the museum to eat there. Just let the folks at the front desk know and they will let you pass through to the airy, well lit dining area. You can self serve ore sit at a table for full service.

At a recent business lunch I had the BLT and my guests chose the hamburgers. We all thought our food was delicious. Although the shoestring fries can be a challenge to eat and the balsamic dressing on my salad was too thick. Matt Woolston, of Matteo’s, is the chef, and the menu reflects his creativity. The food presentation is also a step up from what you’d expect at a cate. I even love the design of the diet coke bottles (see above). The prices are comparable with  Cafe Bernardo and more than La Bou.

Before the remodel the Crocker had a crowded museum shop and no dining facilities. With the expansion, the museum shop can better showcase the wonderful variety of art, books, and fun gifts they have to offer. And the Crocker Cafe by Supper Club is worthy of a visit for its own sake. But spend the $10 admission to check out the collection while you are there.

The hours can be a bit tricky.  The cafe is open for lunch and light snacks and special events. I have been disappointed in the late afternoon to swing by to see an exhibit and then find that the cafe is no longer serving food.  If you miss their service hours and you are visiting from out of town, there is an Il Fornaio restaurant walking distance from the Crocker at 400 Capitol Mall.

Museum Hours
Tuesday – Sunday 10 AM – 5 PM
Thursday 10 AM – 9 PM

Closed Mondays*, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day



Hip Winters

The city of Winters  in Yolo County (on the edge of Solano County) hugs Putah Creek and offers the charm of small town with very cool hip community life.

Ficelle's and Steady Eddy'sIt is a cycling hub with Mike’s Velo City bike shop, and several places to stop for coffee or breakfast including Steady Eddy’s.  It has an impressive restaurant to citizen ratio. My favorite is Ficelle with tapas and other delicious small plates.

Putah Creek Cafe

Putah Creek Cafe is a great diner that also serves Sunday dinners. It says pies on the awning, but I have not found pie available the times I went (disappointing!).  The Buckhorn Steakhouse is an institution and terrific.

There is a crowd of young people who are starting wineries and breweries and cheese shops. First stop: Turkovich Family Winery for wine tasting.

They even have a yarn store, a fabric/quilting store, and a piano on Main Street!Public piano in Winters, CA