Up With People Tickets Available

My friend Jenni was in Up With People (UWP) and she is sharing on Facebook about the upcoming Sacramento concert date on September 30 at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. It is the only concert in California for the foreseeable future. You can buy your tickets on-line.  Or save the service fees and get them from the Community Center Theater box office for $25 per person general admission.

The Journey, UWP’s newest touring production, is designed to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of UWP, while acknowledging that their mission is an ongoing journey, and is as relevant in 2016 as it was in 1965.

I look forward to the show as it is sure to be energetic and upbeat. Who doesn’t need that right now?

Mural Walk in Sacramento


Michelle Blade, 1300 21st Street

The Sacramento Mural Festival provided much interest and entertainment for the week in August when artists worked on the 11 murals throughout downtown and midtown. The best thing about the Sacramento Mural Festival is that it beautifies Sacramento for many years and you can still use their map as an art scavenger hunt.


David Fiveash, 1025 R Street

I spent 3.5 happy hours on Friday afternoon pedaling to all of the locations on my bike including a lunch stop at Crest Cafe. I am writing a two-part longer blog on http://americanjulie.com and breaking it into zones if you do not have a half day or longer to pedal or walk to see all of the murals.


Add Fuel, 1108 R Street

Some of the artists drew the short straw with the walls available. Jake Castro not only is on the back of the Crest Theater but his alley workspace is jammed with dumpsters. It must have been aromatic in August! Presented by the Friends of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, I hope it becomes an annual tradition. Art on exterior walls fits with the other public art in downtown and midtown Sacramento. (Reminder: the Bicycle Rack Scavenger Hunt game card is still available as a free download on this website.)


Drew Merritt, 2020 J Street (behind building in alley)

The winners are the people of Sacramento and visitors who will find some of the murals sneak up on them to their surprise and delight.

Poets in the Park and Ice Cream Too!

20160826_153712There have been several features in travel magazines about the Poet Laureate Park in the space between the Natomas Library and Community Center. The poets featured include many Sacramento poet laureates (who knew we had such?). The artist Troy Corliss created these poems in metal art calling them, “Poet’s Path: Circle of Laureates.” (2015)

20160826_153527There are other things to entice a family to seek out this park. Besides the library, there are two playgrounds, a picnic area, a green with a fitness track, and a rose garden.

20160826_153059It is much like McKinley Park in East Sacramento. I have never explored Natomas except to go North on Truxel toward the basketball arena. Instead turn south and find this lovely collection of public delights.

20160826_153015Saving the best for last: after a stroll through the park in the summer heat I was ready to google “nearest ice cream” when I spied Ms. T’s Good to Go Cafe. I ordered a handmade ice cream sandwich. I chose the just baked chocolate chip cookies and took my sandwich to a cafe table in the courtyard. Yum! Yum! It is worth a stop all on its own.


Go See the Baby Giraffe Before He Grows UP!

The latest edition to the Sacramento Zoo tower of giraffes is a baby boy Masai giraffe. He was born on April 11, 2016 and is growing up quickly. Today was the first day we could get there and we decided to go early to beat the heat. The zoo opens at 9:00 a.m. on weekdays.

IMG_0372My daughter is expecting my first grandchild so I bought a family membership to save money and support the zoo. At this hour the animals are eating, often behind the main exhibit. By the time we finished touring around we could see the lions sunning themselves and other animals a bit more active.

IMG_0366Of course the baby giraffe was the main draw and he was dining on leaves (and going poop at top). The second photo shows a size comparison with a young adult giraffe. The video below shows the little prince just a few days after his birthday.




Finding Sunflowers in Yolo County

Do you love fields of sunflowers to photograph or to admire? Well you are sure to find satisfaction on your Sunday drive if you first consult the blog at VisitYolo.com. They update the Yolo Sunflower Map weekly.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.13.54 PM

If you see fields that are not listed, contact them so they can share your sightings with other sunflower enthusiasts.

VisitYolo’s website has a wealth of information about the attractions of places in Yolo including Winters, Davis and Woodland.

Enjoying a Little Bit of Vietnam

My friend Anita and I were planning to meet up for lunch and she suggested that first wo go to the Happy Day Spa for a full foot massage.

20160530_141731I was not sure what to expect. They accept walk ins but Anita made reservations. We waited a few minutes and then we were escorted into a softly lit room with two long rows of cushy spa beds (like those sometimes uses for pedicures or facials). We sat down and removed our shoes. You keep your clothes on, but for the best experience where loose, comfy clothing. The spa attendant put our feet in warm water (so use the restroom before you start, haha).  The “foot massage” is actually a scalp, neck, arm and leg and foot massage. It is incredibly relaxing. It was just $25 for a full hour so I gave a generous tip.

Then we walked around the corner to the Vietnamese restaurant in the adjacent strip mall. Our expectations rose for the authenticity of the food at Bon Mua when we realized we were among the few non-Vietnamese people in the restaurant. The food was delicious. We enjoyed a great conversation about our mutual mentor the late Pearlie Reed, and ate till we were full.

Anita suggested that next time we save room to go to Vampire Penguin for shaved ice cream. Yum. Could have been a trifecta.


Bike Party! Sacramento

I tried out the monthly ride with Bike Party Sacramento tonight. While I did not last the distance–we were riding so close to my house and it was already 10 p.m.–I peeled out early. I did enjoy riding through the Sacramento streets at night. We created a parade of lights. The theme was Good Vibrations Beach Party and most people dressed the part.


The ride is well organized and includes a trash trailer so you won’t be tempted to litter.

It was 104 degrees this afternoon so while we met up at Suzie’s Burgers on P Street at 7:00 p.m., we did not leave until almost 8:30 p.m. Lots of people bought the $2 beer and enjoyed burgers before heading out en masse.

There was over 200 people at the start and we seemed to grow as we rode. The rules are fairly simple: stop for red lights, no littering, and have fun. The organizers bring trash cans and provide extra traffic guidance for larger intersections.There is a tremendous diversity in bicycles and riders. There are low riders with boom boxes, few fancy road bikes, mostly colorful cruisers; there are tandems and at least one bike with fat tires.

20160603_213454We rode for 1.5 hours before the first stop at Sutter’s Landing Regional Park. A DJ played music and some people danced. Most people gathered in small groups and chatted, catching their breath before taking off for the next stop. The plan was to ride 15 miles total. There was at least one more stop before returning to Suzie’s.

Bike Party Sacramento ride the first Friday of every month. They have a page on Facebook to announce the starting point of the next ride. If you do join the fun be ready to shout “Bike party!” every so often as it will increase your overall enjoyment.

There is also a Davis Bike Party that rides every 4th Friday. People I met at Suzie’s said there is a Bike Party San Jose that attracts 2,000 cyclists!