Lunch at Club Pheasant

Met up with some business colleagues for lunch at Club Pheasant in West Sacramento.  It was my first time to this restaurant and it had pleasant associations:  it is much like the family-owned Italian restaurants in Sonoma County that my family frequented when I was growing up.  The atmosphere is comfortable and family friendly without sticky tables or floors.  I have to admit that I did not pay attention to the prices because it was a business lunch.  (Urban Spoon gave it $$$ for dinner; more like $$ for lunch).

There were lots of locals enjoying lunch and a large retirement party in the private room in back.  The restaurant is spacious and could accommodate a big family or a crowd of wine tasters on their way to/from Clarksburg.

lunch crowd

In true Italian style we shared a large order of lima beans and onions.  My colleagues had minestrone soup and garlic bread.  I had the half garlic steak sandwich and the side of ravioli.  It was all delicious.

The Club Pheasant is a landmark in West Sacramento operating as a bar and restaurant since 1935.  I would not be surprised if the ravioli recipe is still Luisa Palamidessi’s.  You can ask Patti Palamidessi (third generation) or one of the other family members when you dine there.  She welcomed us and made sure we were happy with our meal.

Yolo County Supervisor Mike McGowan and Patti

If you are on your way from Sacramento to Clarksburg for a little wine tasting, why not stop at the Club Pheasant and put a good foundation of pasta in your tummy?  You will be very satisfied and able to taste that much more wine.

2525 Jefferson Blvd.  West Sacramento, CA 95691

(916) 371-9530; lunch Tues-Saturday and dinner Tues-Sunday


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