Husick’s Country Store and Deli

Husick’s Hardware and Country Store is the only place to eat in town.  It serves lunch Tuesday-Sunday and enjoys a 90% favorable rating on Urbanspoon (

It goes by several names:  Husick’s Country Store, Husick’s Hardware and Deli.  They are all located at 36510 Riverview Drive in Clarksburg.  Located between the Bogle Winery and the Old Sugar Mill it is a great place to stop for a gourmet sandwich or salad  at a reasonable price.  There is indoor and outdoor seating.

I gave it a whirl on a rainy day so I was happy to sit in the comfortably warm indoor dining area.  The Mason pannini was delicious:  turkey, provolone, rosemary bacon, peppericini, and mustard/mayo.  I rounded out my meal with chips and a soda for just over $10.  It was satisfying–more so with the side of pasta salad that is part of a sandwich order.

Husick’s would also be a great place to grab a cup of coffee.  They serve Old Soul beans.  I liked the seating area with comfy chairs and a year’s worth of Horse&Rider magazines.  There are local food goods and a few garden items for sale as well.

Clarksburg has a long way to go before it rivals St. Helena or Calistoga; however, it also does not have the hassle of crowds.  And there is something about the  Sacramento River and the surrounding sloughs that force you to slow down and take a deep breath.



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