Boutique Wineries at the Old Sugar Mill

Once upon a time tons of sugar beets were grown in the Clarksburg area and processed in the Old Sugar Mill.  First sugar cane and then high fructose corn syrup made sugar beets less desirable and farmers switched to other crops, including wine grapes.  Now Clarksburg has its own wine appalachia and a growing list of wineries.

The largest local winery is Bogle Vineyards.  (for information on tasting:  There are a growing number of smaller or boutique wineries, which means different things to different people and generally implies smaller production, yet passionate commitment to the craft.

The Old Sugar Mill (for information on tasting hours: is the home of 8 local wineries.  The facility is also available for fundraising events and weddings.  I was surprised, though, to discover that there are no eateries.

Located only 30 minutes from downtown Sacramento, and 15 minutes from Elk Grove or West Sacramento, it makes a fun, relaxed outing.  Your party can taste a wide range of wines in this one location. You can read more about each winery before you go:


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