Cruisin’ the ARP (American River Parkway)

On the first truly hot day of summer in Sacramento I got a late start on my bike ride.  At 10 a.m. and 98 degrees there was still over a hundred bicyclists, joggers, and walkers enjoying the jewel of Sacramento.  The American River Parkway is 23 miles of trails stretching from Old Sacramento to Folsom Lake.  It makes Sacramento a great place to recreate.  Check it out.

Most people are pedaling road bikes and dressed in full riding togs like they are training for the Tour de France.  I was wearing capris and a tank top and riding Gidget, my trusty beach cruiser, and I enjoyed it just as much.  Maybe more because I was moving at a pace where I could see the bunny rabbit hop across the trail and stop by the edge of the verge.

I stopped at a bench and wrote a letter to a friend in New Zealand (hey Beverley!).  This was my view.

If you are bike enthusiast, then a visit to the Delta should include a long ride along the American River Parkway.  If you are staying in downtown Sacramento, then hop on light rail with your bike and ride to Folsom ($2.50 fare per person).  Hop off and ride back to downtown Sacramento and then enjoy a cold one at one of the great pubs in Sacramento (bike racks plentiful). Next day ride the Amtrak train to Davis, check out the US Bicycle Hall of Fame in downtown Davis, and then cycle through the countryside to Winters for breakfast.

The Sacramento Valley is relatively flat between Folsom and Winters, so all level of rider will enjoy the experience.  Watch out for the intense sun June-September.  Wear sunscreen and drink lots of water.  The dry heat can fool many a person from more humid climes.

For more information about the parkway:



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