State Indian Museum a cool place

On a hot summer day in Sacramento you cannot afford to pooh-pooh a place with activities for kids and air conditioning.  I have long wondered what the State Indian Museum is like so on a 105 degree day, I parked in the shade and paid $3 to view the exhibits.

The park ranger explained that the exhibits focus on the tribes of Northern California.  There is a good representation of beadwork, baskets, boats, implements, and other artifacts of Native American life before Europeans arrived.  There is less information about more modern history.  The museum is not large so you can take it all in within an hour or two.

The State Park service provides a scavenger hunt for children and when they turn the worksheet into the ranger they can choose an arrowhead or a postcard as their reward.

My curiosity about the Native Americans who lived in the Delta before Europeans compelled me to go to the museum in search of answers.  All of the official publications about the Delta mention the Native Americans but never by their tribal name.  There is a kind-of vague map in the museum story.  I am on the trail to finding out more and will post as I gather more information.  Stay tuned.

Museum hours Wednesday-Sunday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Located on K Street adjacent to Sutter’s Fort.


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