Gourmet Doughbots

Gourmet doughnuts are trending in hip and cool cities with the most famous example Voodoo Donuts in Portland.  I was recently hanging out with someone younger than 30 years old and they took me to eat yummy doughnuts at a place in downtown Sacramento called Doughbots.  Just celebrating their one year anniversary the first week of September, Doughbots is edgy and comfortable on the edge of downtown.  There are comfy places to sit and eat your doughnuts and sip your coffee or milk, yet the location near the W/X freeway and 10th Street is still in transition.  It is easy to ride your bike from downtown or Land Park to grab a doughnut.  It is also an easy detour from Old Sacramento or the Sunday Farmer’s Market.  Just far enough that the calories you burn will give you permission to also try the “flowers” made with donut holes.

I recommend the cornmeal blueberry doughnut.  I also enjoyed the raised lemonade doughnut.  Their version of the chocolate donut is actually dark cocoa, still good, but not for the milk chocolate enthusiast.


2226 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818

Closed Tuesdays; Wednesday through Monday 7 AM to 2 PM; Deliveries available on orders of 1 Dozen or more.


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