Fremont Park and Chalk It Up Sacramento!

If you are in Sacramento for a convention or to lobby the legislature, you may find yourself staying in the vicinity of 15th and L.  It is a short and pretty walk from your hotel through the Capitol grounds and rose garden (Capitol (=M St.) and 15th Streets to Fremont Park at 15th and P Streets.  There are restaurants, coffee shops on almost every corner.  It is a relaxed local neighborhood park that gives you a flavor of Sacramento for free!  The Community Garden is lovely and just a block away at 14th and Q.  Frequently there are community events staged at Fremont Park.

On Labor Day weekend it is Chalk It Up! with music, food, and a free space to express yourself with chalk on the sidewalk.


From Saturday through Monday you can walk around and admire other people’s artwork, or sign up and participate directly.  Live music is also on stage on the corner of 16th and O Streets.  Food vendors and arts and crafts artisans were also selling their goods.  It was a relaxed, low key family event and a nice way to spend a few hours.  Increasingly, bike parking is at a premium but still easier than finding a parking space.

I had a leisurely stroll around the park at noon on Saturday and saw some people just getting started on their masterpieces.  Others had made good progress already with extra tools like spray bottles and paint brushes.  The playground was full of kids and the young woman singing into the microphone was alternative, yet mellow.  I chose to cross the street and check out Hot Italian for pizza.  (See blog post).  Then collect my bike and head to the used bookstore.


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