Bab’s on the Suisun City Waterfront

On a recent weekday in Suisun City, I had time for lunch and found easy parking near the Marina.  There are two restaurants with outdoor dining–one serving Greek food and the other American diner fare.  They both looked equally popular and I chose Bab’s Diner.

I needed to eat indoors to have access to an electrical outlet for my computer (it was a workday). The welcoming waitress accommodated me though it meant a single at a table for four at the lunch hour.  She quickly brought my diet coke and took my order.  I decided on the BLT on sourdough bread with fries (unseasoned).  I inquired about the tomatoes and the waitress was uncertain of their provence.  This is a diner not a “Diner” and the tomatoes were pale and tasteless.  The bacon was great (crispy and meaty) and the fries cooked just right.  The waitress was efficient and very friendly.  My guess is that she’d be just as cheerful if you were an elderly couple splitting an order or a family with three children under 5 years.

I’d meet a colleague at Bab’s for lunch, or stop in for a hot breakfast after boating in the morning.



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