Odd Little Suisun City

The challenge of writing about the Delta is that it has so much unrealized potential.  Suisun City is just such a case.  It has lots of unrealized charm and interest, but it is as if the various elements are strewn about the landscape and not quite put together yet.  The city’s boosters describe it as a “San Francisco Bay Area gem with a touch of Cape Cod charm.” The key words that keeps them from fibbing is “a touch”.  It has an Amtrak station so you can arrive by train and there is a solid station with restaurants on the spot.  It is a short walk to the marina, the main hotel and conference center, and shopping.  Most people likely arrive by car from Highway 12.  As you exit the freeway you see a new Harbor Center and Hampton Inn and a lot of concrete waterfront walkways and “parks”.  This doesn’t yet relate well to the rest of town, which is much older.

Even in the older parts of town, the buildings appear to have a fear of touching.  Nonetheless, it is a great location.  You can launch your boat from the marina or the public boat launch and enter the Suisun Marsh; or unload your bike and head to the wildlife area at the end of Grizzly Island Road for some excellent bird watching.  For more details, check out http://www.visitsuinsuncity.com/outdoor-recreation.

So the dilemma is that if you live in Sacramento or the Bay Area, this is a great diversion and probably someplace you haven’t yet explored. But if you are visiting from out of the area, there are so many places nearby that have more to offer.  However, it is easily accessible to the Bay Area thanks to Amtrak, and if you are looking for an outdoor experience, it has much to offer.  Note: California duck hunting season opens the third week of October and extends for 100 days.  The Suisun Marsh is packed with duck clubs, so if you want to enjoy the marsh during the season, you may want to avoid the most popular hunting days: Wednesday and Saturday.

On the first Saturday of October, the city hosts the Waterfront Festival, boasting art, chocolate and wine.  For more information: http://www.suisunwaterfront.com/Events/



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