Lambtown, USA in Dixon

I am an avid knitter and raised sheep in 4-H as a kid, so I was anticipating this festival of sheep for many months.  Dixon is the self-proclaimed capital for sheep in California.  They celebrate the food and fiber in an annual festival that has moved from date to date in the past few years.  This year it was October 6-7 at the Dixon May Fairgrounds.  I attended on Sunday as I wanted to lend my needles for the attempt to break the world’s record for the most people knitting in one place.

It is an easy 10 minutes off I-80 to the fairgrounds (along Highway 113).  Dixon is still a smallish town with just 18,000 people.  The downtown is quaint and more interesting than the pit stops at the freeway exits would suggest.

I paid $5 to park and then $2 to enter the fairgrounds.  The exhibit buildings had a fiber market and an art show.  There was live entertainment in the beer garden and a half-dozen food vendors with only a couple featuring lamb products.  In the far off livestock building there were a number of sheep ranchers with market lambs and wool breeds showing for prizes.

In the arena where the sheep dog trials and the horse demonstrations also occur, we gathered to break the record.  We needed 1200 knitters and barely mustered 200.  Still, it is fun to sit in the stands enjoying the camaraderie of fellow knitters even if for just a half hour.  Many would have stayed and kept knitting together except that it was very hot and the sun intense.

It was a pleasant way to pass a few hours.  I drove around Dixon a bit and I may go back if the price of gas drops.  If you read a bit of let down between the lines, you’d be correct.  Enjoy this video.


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