Rio Vista: Funky River Town

Today I got my first taste of Rio Vista.  Located next to the Sacramento River on Highway 12. It is a 30 minute drive from Stockton or Fairfield.  It has a couple of small hotels and 9 restaurants in the “downtown”, so it is definitely small town.  You can walk to the end of Main Street with your fishing pole and throw your line in on the dock with the other half dozen fishermen.  And this weekend (October 13-14, 2012) you can compete in a bass tournament or enjoy the carnival in town.  for more information on events:

We ate at Lucy’s (see review), walked around town and poked our heads into Foster’s Bighorn bar & grill.  Foster’s would be fun for a drink, but I can’t imagine keeping my appetite with the head of the gentlest of creatures, a giraffe, looking down at me.  Or an elephant.


There is a farmer’s market on the far side of the bridge and coming in 2013 a Delta Discovery Center.  If you are riding your motorcycle on a Saturday, or going for a Sunday drive with your car club, then Rio Vista is a good destination.  It also appears to be a fishermen’s paradise.  Check it out.


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