Wimpy’s Marina near Staten Island

Wimpy's Marina near Staten Island

If you like onions then you’ll enjoy Wimpy’s new Brewhouse Onion Burger. I stopped for dinner the other night and enjoyed the 1/4 lb sirloin beef patty with sweet raw red onion, sauteed yellow onion and deep fried brewhouse onion rings on a toasted onion roll. No other produce fits in this big burger. The menu said “american cheese” but mine came with swiss cheese. An improvement no doubt; however, the substitution was made without warning. The fries were hot and plentiful. My view of the river Moukolumne River was lovely (sit by the window if you can). This marina restaurant is just a stone’s throw from the entrance to The Nature Conservancy’s Staten Island and a convenient place to grab a bite to eat if you are bird watching. Sandhill Cranes are in residence September-February.

Here’s my review on the Urban Spoon. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/36/1214830/restaurant/Sacramento/Wimpys-Walnut-Grove


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