Looking for Chinese Food in Locke

Seems logical that in the only town built by Chinese people for Chinese people in the United States, you could find a great Chinese food restaurant.  Well…

The other day we tried Locke Garden restaurant for lunch.  Locals had said it had good food.  My friend had never been to Locke.  So we slipped off the River Road and parked in the parking lot just to the north of Main Street and walked the short block, and up the short incline to the Locke Garden. (The entrance is on River Road)

The interior reminded me of Grandma’s sun porch. Plastic tables and chairs and plastic tablecloths with lots of kitsch.  In this case the cultural icons are Chinese.  We sat down and in spite of the sparse crowd at this lunch hour the service was slow.

Locke Garden lunch plate

At last our food arrived and we tucked in.  Yelp reviewers give it an average of four stars. The food reminded me of the Chinese take-out at Bel Air supermarkets. If you are not from the Sacramento area this does not have meaning. My friend was from out of the area, so I said, “This reminds me of Panda Express.”   He replied, “Panda’s better.”


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