Dining outdoors at Union Point Marina Bar & Grill

Union Point Bar & Grill

If you are boating in the South Delta, then Union Point Marina Bar & Grill is a pleasant spot for lunch or drinks.  Recently I was in a group of 10 boating on a weekday. We stopped for lunch about 1:00 p.m. The deserted deck made us wonder if the restaurant was open. It was open and we ordered at the bar, which allowed us to pay individually. In a short time we were sitting under the awning on the deck enjoying a variety of good food.

Fish, chips and slaw

Everyone was very satisfied with my food, except me. I ordered the special ceasar salad and while the chicken was perfect, the lettuce was a little wilted and the dressing too heavy.  My friends liked the fish and chips, hamburgers, and everything else. In fact, we tried most of the menu and we enjoyed it all.

The Union Point Marina is at the southern end of Bacon Island. If you are travelling by car, it is on Highway 4 between Stockton and Discovery Bay.


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