Discover the Delta Identity

Resolution: Discover the Delta in 2014.

Visit their website for a calendar of events, a Delta t-shirt and more.

Visit their website for a calendar of events, a Delta t-shirt and more.

Most residents of the Delta have been happy to be left alone for so long. With 5 county boundaries divvying up the region, “the Delta” is not the focus of any county’s economic development.  California’s tourism promotion is divided between the Bay Area and the Central Valley (even “Gold Country” by State Parks).  This strategy may not be the best for the future as the State is knocking on the door with the Bay Delta proposal.

Change may not be welcome, though it is inevitable. Two of the agencies that make up the Delta alphabet soup are collaborating with residents to develop a “Delta Brand”: the Delta Protection Commission and the Delta Conservancy.  There are already some marketing efforts in various parts of the region–with a “farm trail” in Sacramento County and parts of Contra Costa County, and a hub of wineries in Clarksburg in Yolo County.  These efforts may benefit from something coordinated region-wide.

You can read more about it in the article in the Stockton Record.


New Years Day at Brannan State Park

Brannan Island SRA sign

The California State Parks are celebrating their 150th anniversary in 2014.  They are kicking off the celebratory year with 40 different hikes on New Years Day (January 1, 2014).  I went on the website to see if any of them were at a state park in the Delta. The only Delta county with a hike is Sacramento, but both hikes were in Folsom.  My curiosity was peaked: how many state parks are there in the Delta? Two. Brannan Island State Recreation Area offers day use and camping. The other park is Delta Shores and appears to be closed due to the state budget cuts.

There are 26 reviews of Brannan Island SRA on Yelp. Brannan Island is in Rio Vista in Solano County (about 30 minutes from Fairfield). Although there will not be an organized hike, the weather forecast suggests New Years Day is a good day to enjoy the park.

Brannan Island Marina

Crocker Art Museum is a Gem of a Gallery

I am a member of the Crocker Art Museum so I can pop in to see an exhibition, like the superb and disturbing “Emancipating the Past” by Kara Walker. As a tourist you can visit for $12, less if you are a senior or a student. It is a good value as the museum has recently expanded with an entire new building, a larger gift shop and a terrific cafe.

Kara Walker's silhouette's are in exciting exhibit at the Crocker through January 5, 2014.

Kara Walker’s silhouette’s are in exciting exhibit at the Crocker through January 5, 2014.

The museum used to boast that it was the oldest art museum west of the Mississippi, but they do not mention this any longer in their materials. Maybe “oldest” suggests “musty”, whereas the collection is growing and up to date. It does include the foundation pieces that E.B and Margaret Crocker purchased on their European travels and bequeathed to Sacramento along with their elegant mansion. Judge E.B. Crocker was the brother of one of the railroad “big four” railroad barons that you may have read about if you had a decent history teacher.  He did make his money from the railroad–as legal counsel to the Central Pacific Railroad. Fortunately for us, this railroad millionaire had taste.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10-5 and open later on Thursdays until 9 p.m.  Closed Mondays.  216 O Street, Sacramento (walking distance from Old Sacramento)