Hip Winters

The city of Winters  in Yolo County (on the edge of Solano County) hugs Putah Creek and offers the charm of small town with very cool hip community life.

Ficelle's and Steady Eddy'sIt is a cycling hub with Mike’s Velo City bike shop, and several places to stop for coffee or breakfast including Steady Eddy’s.  It has an impressive restaurant to citizen ratio. My favorite is Ficelle with tapas and other delicious small plates.

Putah Creek Cafe

Putah Creek Cafe is a great diner that also serves Sunday dinners. It says pies on the awning, but I have not found pie available the times I went (disappointing!).  The Buckhorn Steakhouse is an institution and terrific.

There is a crowd of young people who are starting wineries and breweries and cheese shops. First stop: Turkovich Family Winery for wine tasting.

They even have a yarn store, a fabric/quilting store, and a piano on Main Street!Public piano in Winters, CA





Krush Burgers: from food truck to restaurants

A new restaurant opened on Covell Boulevard in Davis: Krush Burger. Krush is a popular food truck in Sacramento and has a restaurant location at 700 N 10th Street in Sacramento. I love that they kept the slider concept in the restaurants. Their “meal deal” offers 2 mini hamburgers + fries or tater tots + a soft drink for $9.95.

Original Krush Burgers with fries and milkshake

Original Krush Burgers with fries and milkshake

You can buy one burger to infinity, and if you buy more than one you can choose from among the Original, Cowbell, Ninja or Philly. There is also a Salmon BLT. I have tried the Original (yummy) and the Cowbell with bacon, fried onions, smoked gouda and BBQ sauce (more yummy).  I love that I can just buy one smaller burger. Just right.





Creating cuisine from invasive species

One of the stressors to the ecosystem in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta are invasive species, introduced plants and animals that crowd out native species.  This problem is not unique to the Delta. Almost every part of the settled earth struggles with this because it is primarily people in their infinite wisdom who introduce these plants or animals. When I was in Portland I read how the local chefs participated in a challenge to create dishes using the invasive species found in the Columbia River.

Chinese mitten crab

Chinese mitten crab

I forgot about it until I recently read this story in Grist about a sushi chef in Connecticut who is using invasive species to replace diminishing bluefin tuna.

Could we do the same with Delta invasives?

Water hyacinth salad?

Mitten crab cakes?

Check out the complete list of invasive species in the Bay Delta Conservation Plan for more potential cuisine.


Hot Italian: Great Fun

Hot Italian restaurant

Hot Italian restaurant on corner of 16th and Q Street in Sacramento

If you are cycling in the Sacramento area, the most generous bicycle parking available is at Hot Italian pizzeria. Fortunately the pizza is also inventive and delicious.  They can accommodate large groups, or smaller groups can share a table. Located in midtown Sacramento.

Hot Italian interior


Broderick Roadhouse Worth Planning Your Day in the Delta Around

Johnny Cash burger and fries at Broderick Roadhouse

Johnny Cash burger and fries at Broderick Roadhouse

West Sacramento is the way cooler younger brother to the over-achieving Eagle Scout of City of Sacramento.  West Sac is still little bit rude teenager and rapidly becoming hipster. Broderick Roadhouse is at the center of this transformation. Broderick Roadhouse evolved from the Wicked ‘Wich food truck. Exhibit A for why Sacramento and other cities should loosen regulations on food trucks. It serves up gastropub grub 7 days/nights a week at 319 Sixth Street in West Sacramento. It is a 15 minute walk or 7 long blocks from Rivercats Stadium. It is a quick detour from the Sacramento River bike trail. Although most people arrive by automobile. I dined at Broderick Roadhouse three times in the last month. The first two times on weeknights when the main dining room was quiet enough for a business related conversation. On the last occasion, our party of four arrived just after 6 on a Saturday to celebrate and we lucked out getting one of the last open tables in the quieter bar area. If you are looking for a rowdier time, then weekends are your best bet. The wait staff is excellent. One had the old soul of a diner waitress using “dear” liberally throughout our meal. All were quick, courteous and friendly. The Johnny Cash burger won “best burger in Sacramento” and is amazing. I also enjoyed the True Blue burger with bacon, blue cheese,  onion rings and tasty angus beef burger.  The flank steak on the same-name salad is marinated in a truly yummy sauce. The salad has both onion rings and french fries prompting my one warning. This is not a place to dine if you are on Weight Watchers. One friend joked that there is nothing on the menu for less than 3500 calories. Another friend limits himself to once a month even though he and his wife love the food. If you are planning a day in the North Delta region–biking, fishing, kayaking, fossicking–then plan your day to start with lunch or end with dinner at Brodericks Roadhouse. You will not find better food in the North Delta. UrbanSpoon review: 91% like (as of 4/6/14)