3 Attractions in Land Park Sacramento

Amy showing at Tower Theater

Amy showing at Tower Theater

I had a free afternoon so I rode my bike from Midtown to the Sacramento Zoo in William Land Park. It has been years since I visited the zoo and it is much improved. I will dedicate the next blog to tell you about it.

It was a very hot afternoon so after a few hours and several bottles of cold water, I headed to the Avid Reader. There are so few independent bookstores left in the world. The Avid Reader is located in an old Tower Books location. In fact the corner of Broadway and Land Park Drive is historic for the Tower book and record empire now gone. The record store is now a Dimple Records. Avid Reader offers a decent selection of magazines and a good variety of books.

It was about 4:00 p.m. and the heat was intense. I looked across the street and saw the Tower Theater. A quick check of my smart phone and I realized that a few hours in an air-conditioned theater was just the remedy for a hot July afternoon. I pushed my bike across the street and bought a ticket to view the movie Amy. It is an old-fashioned theater that could use some freshening up. It is funky and shows artsy films and I love going to see films there. It was $16.50 for admission and a medium popcorn. The movie was fascinating.

When I left the theater about 6:30 p.m. the air had cooled and pedaling the rest of the way home was much more enjoyable.

It was a great afternoon. If you have children you might be tempted to substitute feeding the ducks at the pond in William Land Park or doing a double-header of Fairy Tale Town and the zoo. If so, I recommend going in the morning not the afternoon. I also recommend riding your bike so parking is a cinch.


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