3 Short Hikes at Rush Ranch in Suisun Marsh

View from first hill on Marsh Trail at Rush Ranch.

View from first hill on Marsh Trail at Rush Ranch.

You will feel your blood pressure lower as you turn off Highway 12 at Grizzly Island Road to drive to Rush Ranch. The landscape quickly changes to grazing land or marsh and the noise drops to sweetly quiet. In about 5 minutes you will reach the gate to the Solano County Land Trust’s Rush Ranch. Slow down to 5 mph and let the beauty sink in and slow your heart rate further. You can see Suisun City and the fringes of Fairfield off in the distance but they also seem a million miles away.

Low tideThere are three hikes ranging from 2.2 miles to 4+ miles. My friend and I chose the Marsh Trail so I could show him the remnant of original salt water marsh. It was just after 8 in the morning and the Ranch had just opened the gate. We wore jackets at the start of the hike because of a brisk breeze.

Gentle Marsh TrailThe tide was going out and already fairly low. It is hard to remember that tidal action has so much sway this far inland. The tides influence actually influences water levels in the Delta all the way to Sacramento’s I Street bridge.

Views from Rush Ranch On the Marsh Trail you can get by walking in tennis shoes but they will get muddy. I wore long pants because of my worry about attracting ticks. Turns out we should have given more thought to mosquito repellant. The mossies got a nice snack off us.

There are a couple of hills that offer expansive views, but most of the trail is flat or a very gentle climb. We did not see much bird life on this hike. Nor did we encounter cows though we did dodge cow pies. There are blackberry bushes with some small berries for picking at the marsh edge.

After our hike we drove into downtown Suisun City for breakfast at Bab’s Delta Diner. There was no wait at the counter and the food was fine and the service efficient. Afterward we walked along the marina and onward toward the marsh on a trail. It was not even a mile round trip but aided our digestion.

On way back to ranch headquarters.

On way back to ranch headquarters.

The hikes are not demanding, but the views are rewarding and it makes for a good introduction to the Delta.


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