3 Reasons to Check Out Bay-Delta Live


1.  You will join a community of scientists, policymakers and people who care about the future of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The purpose of BDL is to create a community where the scattered information held by hundreds of organizations and individuals will be made more accessible and easier to find. The platform of Bay-Delta Live enables BDL to offer more and more data, photos and stories as community members share information. Join the www.BayDeltaLive.com community and share your data and stories. Sign up for push notifications and receive news on new datasets and reports.

2.  Bay-Delta Live is the richest trove about this sensitive and vitally important ecosystem. Bay-Delta Live (BDL) is a data hub of information committed to

  • Free access to information
  • Data collaboration, and
  • Open and transparent sharing.

Take a virtual tour of www.BayDeltaLive.com. Click on the Help button on the top bar and watch videos helpful to users.

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta has been studied, measured, manipulated, and yet not all of the data is easily accessible. BDL aggregates and displays relevant information about the Delta, including CDEN and CDEC data sets.

3.  You can create your own visualizations and maps using data provided by state agencies and others.

You can also download the free iPhone app “Bay Delta Live” to have this same information at your fingertips on your iPhone or iPad.


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