Mural Walk in Sacramento


Michelle Blade, 1300 21st Street

The Sacramento Mural Festival provided much interest and entertainment for the week in August when artists worked on the 11 murals throughout downtown and midtown. The best thing about the Sacramento Mural Festival is that it beautifies Sacramento for many years and you can still use their map as an art scavenger hunt.


David Fiveash, 1025 R Street

I spent 3.5 happy hours on Friday afternoon pedaling to all of the locations on my bike including a lunch stop at Crest Cafe. I am writing a two-part longer blog on and breaking it into zones if you do not have a half day or longer to pedal or walk to see all of the murals.


Add Fuel, 1108 R Street

Some of the artists drew the short straw with the walls available. Jake Castro not only is on the back of the Crest Theater but his alley workspace is jammed with dumpsters. It must have been aromatic in August! Presented by the Friends of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, I hope it becomes an annual tradition. Art on exterior walls fits with the other public art in downtown and midtown Sacramento. (Reminder: the Bicycle Rack Scavenger Hunt game card is still available as a free download on this website.)


Drew Merritt, 2020 J Street (behind building in alley)

The winners are the people of Sacramento and visitors who will find some of the murals sneak up on them to their surprise and delight.


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