Proclaiming Tiny Houses!


This weekend I am going to check out the Tiny House competition sponsored by SMUD, created by students, and ready for inspection at Cosumnes River College. It will probably be raining, so I’ll dig out my warmer wardrobe and take my umbrella. I am really curious to see how small tiny is. I watch Tiny Househunters on HGTV and it is hard to imagine what it would really feel like to live in a house under 500 square feet. Checking it out and asking: could this be a solution for homeownership for single person households, a less expensive solution for ending homelessness, or just affordably add second units for short or long term rental?

proclaimersThen on Monday my all time favorite music group is performing at Harlow’s. I am going to see the Proclaimers! Since I live in the neighborhood I do not have to walk 500 miles. On Monday night I’ll be on my way to the Proclaimers.


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