About the Bay Delta Tourist


The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is in my backyard and yet I have only explored the edges.  This year I intend to work, eat, play, drink and paddle in the Delta and share my adventures with you.

With the guidance of people who know and love the area, I intend to explore its mysteries.  This blog will hopefully provide a light so you too can safely enjoy its delights and return home again.

I also will explore the future of the Bay Delta and the ways Californians can continue to interact with this wonderful environment.

JA Pieper

Bay Delta Tourist is a project of On Your Radar Media Company. Other blogs include Adventures of American Julie.


2 thoughts on “About the Bay Delta Tourist

  1. Julie: welcome back. I didn’t know you were back in town. Your blog looks great (if in fact I have this right).
    Got your note about retirement. Thanks. Want to connect sometime? I’m curious about your adventures and what you are planning as your next adventure. Y

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