Nutria, the Godzilla of Rodents!


Coming to a Delta slough near you??! Nutria, once eradicated in California, are making a comeback.

They are kind of cute, except for their ability to eat through a wetlands in record speed, or their penchant for burrowing and destabilizing levees.

These South American rodents usually weigh 20 pounds and outcompete the native muskrat and beaver for food. Plus they are champion breeders. You can identify them by their white whiskers.

The Delta Conservancy just gave CDFW a $1M+ grant for surveillance and eradication efforts to keep them out of the Delta. If you see them anywhere in the state, please report them to:

Suspected observations or potential signs of nutria in California should be photographed and immediately reported to CDFW ONLINE, by email to, or by calling (866) 440-9530. Observations on state or federal lands should be immediately reported to local agency staff. If this species is captured, do not release it, immediately contact your local CDFW office or County Agricultural Commissioner.


Boating in the South Delta

Somewhere in the South Delta

We launched at B&W Marina on Brannan Island Road about 10 a.m. on a beautiful weekday. There were few other boaters on the river and the sun was shining and slight breeze kept us from getting too hot.

I have to confess that I am not a boater. However, I love spending the day outdoors and anytime that you can be out in the Delta (and call it work!) is a good day. We saw other boaters stopping at a beach to swim and jet ski, others were fishing, and my fellow boaters say that sometimes they stop and swim.

Stopping to eat and drink is also a big part of the boating experience. There are a number of marinas along the way.  Take a GPS, though. The monotony of the rip-rapped levees make it so you are never sure where you are.

OMG, a tree!

OMG, a tree!