Sac Porchfest: Midtown Musical Celebration

Walking to coffee after dinner this evening I was charmed by a concern on I Street. On the way home I discovered it is part of Sac Porchfest, one of the annual events that people organize in Midtown Sacramento.  I am sorry I missed the earlier concerts on 21st Street.

Midtown is interesting in other ways… neighbors have decorated their homes for Halloween.




Chalk It Up! over Labor Day Weekend in Midtown

Midtown art festival is a Sacramento tradition.

Every Labor Day weekend artists gather to create temporary sidewalk beauty.

Proceed to the John C. Fremont Park at 15th and Q and 16th and P Streets in Sacramento to admire the temporary masterpieces in Chalk It Up! art festival.  There are food trucks and craftspeople completing the festival.

artists at work at Chalk It Up!

Artists sometimes were inspired by issues.

artists at work

Some artists are sponsored by businesses.

Do not tread on the art!

Lots of spectators walked carefully around the park to admire the work in progress.

Scavenger Hunt Game Card a Fun Way to Explore Midtown Sacramento

This bike rack is not part of the scavenger hunt.

This bike rack is not part of the scavenger hunt.

There is a new, fun activity your group or family can play in Midtown Sacramento. Download and print the game card–one per team–and then set a time for your group to start the game.

If your teams are on foot, then you might want to provide 3-4 hours to find the bike racks. If your teams are on bicycles, then you can set the time limit between 1-2 hours. Each team uses one smart phone to collect photographs with team members next to all 12 bike racks.

Reconvene at one of the many restaurants, coffee places or pubs in Midtown and tally the number of bike racks found by each team. If you need a tiebreaker, there are multiple bike racks at #4, #6, and #7 and teams can earn extra points for each of the extra racks.

Post your photos on social media with the hashtag #SacBikeRackHunt.

Clues: The bike racks created by artist Gina Rossi often relate to the type of business where it is placed.

1.  What type of professional sells homes?

2. This rack is the furthest to the East.

3. This clever rack is a needle and thread.

4. Think drinks.

5. This rack is made of retired railroad parts near a retired railway.

6. These identical racks are at least a block apart.

7. These bike racks line the sidewalk of this block chock full of restaurants.

8. Think Bianchi bicycles, think Italian.

9. This Asian dragon guards a sushi place.

10. I cannot figure out what this hammer has to do with anything except it is cool.

11. Whisk up some ice cream sandwiches.

12. Celebrate the Day of the Dead with some south of the border food.

Midtown Artist Creates Bike Rack Buzz

Gina Rossi is a midtown Sacramento artists who works with metal and glass, especially found objects. She created the first bike rack for the 21 10 Gallery on Del Paso Boulevard. Fast forward to 2015 and Gina’s bike racks are so popular that no self respecting restaurateur will open without an iconic bike rack to help put them on the map. It is the perfect way to celebrate cycling and public art.

Gina working on a metal sculpture in her studio.

Gina working on a metal sculpture in her studio.

Gina works in her welding shop and studio on 20th Street. She also works part time as a nurse at Kaiser Permanente. Her passion is creating sculptures including the functional bike racks around Sacramento.

Gina is iron woman in her metal workshop.

Gina is iron woman in her metal workshop.

She also teaches welding from her studio. Contact Gina Rossi for more information about sculptures or classes.

Gina Rossi's studio

Coming soon: a Scavenger Hunt game card to find 12 Midtown bike racks.